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This is your time to Relax and just be in the now!

Blue Moon Holistics was created to help others.  We all live busy lives, stressing about either what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future.  We forget to be in the NOW, what is happening right now. That is what we should be focusing on.  We neglect our bodies and minds by not taking the time for ourselves.  The body and mind need to rest and relax to be able to repair its self. Focusing on the breath is one way to be in the now.

Daily life impacts our body in many ways. Although we can easily become tired, stressed, anxious and exhausted we seldom create the space to explore the therapeutic form of beneficial relaxation. Holistic massage or Reflexology can create instant improvement in the quality of sleep and concentration, improve circulation and waste removal and encourage deeper, more relaxed breathing, and is an accessible treatment for all ages.

Contact me to make an appointment soon.

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